ADK Canoe Classic – “The 90 Miler” 2019

“Will you do the 90 Miler with me?”   This is where it all started.  My friend, Mary Beth, asked me this in the spring of 2018.  As a good friend, I said “yes”.  Truthfully, it was just to appease her. “We will never be able to do that” was my actual thought.   So, in 2019, she brought it up again, I honestly thought … Continue reading ADK Canoe Classic – “The 90 Miler” 2019


Walkin’ in New Orleans…. It just keeps gettin’ better.  We parked our car in front of the Airbnb and did not get in the car again until we departed NOLA.    Our place was in walking distance to the Jazzfest, Wesley and Levi’s, Joan and Rick, everything.   If we had wanted to go to the French Quarter, the streetcar was around the corner.  Instead, … Continue reading NOLA